Albertus Magnus Athletics Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame honors individuals of noteworthy athletic achievement at Albertus Magnus College.
The first-ever induction into the Hall of Fame was in 2008.

The Hall of Fame is located in the Cosgrove, Marcus, Messer Athletic Center and includes the Hall of Fame display centerpiece and plaques.

Hall of Fame Criteria and Nomination Process

George Bedocs   2008   Men's Soccer, Head Coach  
Andrew Cicarella   2009   Baseball      
Jim Ferraro   2009   Women's Basketball, Head Coach
Candice Giordano Damico 2011   Softball & Women's Volleyball
Liz Lacroix   2008   Women's Basketball  
Karen Lobasz   2008   Women's Basketball  
Natalia Perlaza   2011   Women's Basketball  
Tim Russell   2011   Men's Basketball    
Joseph Tonelli   2008   Baseball, Head Coach & Athletic Director
Jay Wyatt     2011   Baseball      
1994-95 Women's Basketball 2009   Women's Basketball  
  Denise Brace            
  Diana Burroughs            
  Megan Callahan            
  Heather Fenn            
  Jessica Flood            
  Kathy Gauthier            
  Liz Lacroix              
  Karen Lobasz            
  Christie Matteo            
  Kim Pofok              
  Lisa Ranciato            
  Head Coach: Jim Ferraro          
1996 Men's Soccer   2009   Men's Soccer    
  Victor Alves            
  Donald Anderson            
  James Bernardo            
  Shane Bryan            
  William “Casey” Cahoon          
  Victor Crespo            
  Vincent DeStefanis            
  Gabriel DeMelo            
  Kevin Guarino            
  Jay Kopchinski            
  Matthew Monroy            
  Daniel O’Connor            
  Joseph Quinn            
  Head Coach: George Bedocs