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Albertus Magnus
ALBERTUS vs Sarah Lawrence (09/15/2019)

ALBERTUS 8, Sarah Lawrence 1
09/15/2019 at Bronxville, N.Y. (SLC Tennis Courts)

Singles competition
1. Jessica Coughlin (AMWT19) def. Sam Nochimson (SLC) 8-4
2. Mariah Mandulak (AMWT19) def. Ruth Doberenz (SLC) 8-2
3. Nallely Magana (AMWT19) def. Sophia Rasura (SLC) 8-0
4. Cassie Couture (AMWT19) def. Jillian Price (SLC) 8-0
5. Nayelli Garcia (AMWT19) def. Ellie O'Brian (SLC) 8-3
6. Raven Vance (SLC) def. Andreah Orr (AMWT19) 8-2

Doubles competition
1. Jessica Coughlin/Mariah Mandulak (AMWT19) def. Sam Nochimson/Ruth Doberenz (SLC) 8-2
2. Nallely Magana/Cassie Couture (AMWT19) def. Sarah Ashdown/Sophia Rasura (SLC) 8-5
3. Nayelli Garcia/Andreah Orr (AMWT19) def. Phoebe Hurd/Ellie O'Brian (SLC) 8-4

Match Notes
Sarah Lawrence 0-3

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