Drug Free Sport Information

Student-Athletes at Albertus Magnus College could be drug tested by the NCAA in-season or during the post-season. A positive test could mean you are excluded from athletics for a period of time as defined by the NCAA. If you take any supplements or medication you should check on this website to see if they might contain a banned substance.

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications:

Report all medications to the athletic training staff and utilize your Drug Free Sport Axis Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medication Database to check if your medications might be banned
. See your athletic trainer if a medication is banned; medical exceptions may apply

Supplement Warning:

You are responsible for any substance that you put in your body. The use of any dietary supplement is at your own risk. Dietary supplements may contain banned substances not listed on the label.
 To help avoid and adverse reaction or positive drug test, please take all supplements to your athletic trainer and submit them to Axis before taking.

Drug Free Sport AXIS is the only authoritative third-party review of medication and supplements vis-a-vis NCAA banned drugs. 

Phone: 877-202-0769
Website: www.dfsaxis.com
Username: NCAA Division III
Password: ncaa3